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Welcome to the Old Rose Hill Cemetery Association!
Old Rose Hill Cemetery North Gate

Cemetery History

     The Old Rose Hill Cemetery is among the oldest cemeteries in Mahaska County.  Located in White Oak Township, it is approximately 8 miles northeast of Oskaloosa, Iowa, a short distance north of Highway 92.  Old Rose Hill Cemetery is a non-perpetual care cemetery.  Maintenance of the cemetery is funded primarily by donations and a small annual distribution of tax revenue from White Oak Township.  There are 434 burials for which grave markers have been located.  It is believed that an additional 20 individuals for whom grave markers have not been located are buried in the cemetery.


     Many early settlers of Mahaska County are buried in the cemetery.  Elizabeth Moore, daughter of John and Catharine Moore, is the earliest recorded burial in the cemetery.  She died on January 12, 1852.  The entire cemetery encompasses an area of approximately 1 ½ acres including the ½ acre south addition purchased from Mary and Fannie McKanna in 1914.


     The first meeting of the Old Rose Hill Cemetery Association took place on November 2, 1912 for the purpose of organizing the Association.  Eight individuals were in attendance.  The following officers were elected:  Fannie McKanna, President; William Currier, Treasurer; and Mame Slocum, Secretary.  Articles of Incorporation for the Association were filed on June 20, 1914.  The Association relies heavily on volunteers to help maintain the cemetery grounds and serve on the governing Board of Directors.


     The minutes of meetings held from 1912-1933 provide a fascinating glimpse into the times during which the Association was being organized.  The record book was in poor condition and has recently been digitized and the original pages laminated to preserve them.  They are available for viewing in the Documents section of this website.  All burials are recorded on and photos of all headstones in the cemetery are posted there as well.  A link to is available in the Burials section of this website.