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Brothers James (1831-), George Washington Sr. (1834-1926 and Joseph (1836-1919) Stout all traveled to Mahaska County, Iowa from their homes in Union County, Ohio in the mid-1800’s.  They were the sons of James (1796-1854) and Susannah Sagathy Stout (1797-1882) who also resided in Union County.  James arrived first around 1852 and married Mary Jane Gray (1837-1905).  He was a farmer, butter and egg merchant and grain dealer.  After the death of his wife, James moved to Anderson County, Kansas to live with his daughter, Alice Stout Ford, and her family where he died and is buried.  His wife Mary Jane is buried in Old Rose Hill Cemetery.  The next to arrive about 1855 was George Washington Sr. along with his wife, Mary Ann Moore (1831-1926) and children.  George was a farmer, one-time proprietor of the Union House in Rose Hill and a breeder of prize winning poultry.  Both George and Mary Ann are buried in Old Rose Hill Cemetery.  The last brother to arrive was Joseph sometime after the Civil War.  He married his second wife Charlotte Porter (1850-1932) in Keokuk County, Iowa.  The family eventually moved to Custer County, Nebraska where they are buried.  Joseph was a farmer and he and James both served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  Many of the brother’s families and direct descendants are buried in Old Rose Hill Cemetery as well as other Mahaska County cemeteries.  This Stout family is believed to be direct descendants of Richard and Penelope Stout who traveled to America in the early 1640’s and were among the first settlers of Middletown, New Jersey in 1664.